Yes! Women can do it too...

We strongly believe in Diversity & Empowering Women…

Any institution, whether it is society or organization, in the present century cannot function effectively without women’s equal participation in leadership activities. Women create a perspective that brings to competition and collaboration to organizations and teams.
In today’s world, organizations that are led by inclusive leadership teams make effective decisions that deliver better result. In the twenty-first century, the essential qualities required to lead include the ability to collaborate, connect, empathize and communicate. All these qualities are feminine in nature and can help build a more sustainable future.
Many statistics show that companies led by women have better financial results. Leadership by women is vital to increase the pace of societal transformation at home and in the workplace. Women leaders are likely to provide an integrated view of work and family, resulting in an engaged and promising personal and professional future.
Gender parity in leadership is important because true progress cannot happen without a diversity of perspective in leadership roles.

Women are gradually making their leadership presence felt in entrepreneurship and many other fields at global levels. Women are now resolved to break the traditional glass ceiling that barred them from entering leadership positions even if they possessed requisite skills and talent to be best fit for the purpose.
We at Edi5 Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are proud to have our founders, directors, CFO, COO, and many more senior leadership roles fueled by Women Power. Our leadership Team consists of 80% women leaders however, our technical expertise team consists of a balance which is mainly because of the fact that we truly respect Talent and NOT Gender.

Meet our Leadership Team

CO-FOUNDER & Director


She brings in her exceptional Operations & Core Management skills to the table, having over more than 15 Years of industry experience. She has been a key contributor to our major success stories.



A successful entrepreneur for more than last 11 years. Her experience from her engagement in multiple startup ventures has been pivotal to the company. She is our icon for the women power.



A highly professional entrepreneur having decades of experience in Leadership Roles with multiple Companies & MNCs. He is our go-getter when it comes to bring in new business.



A hardcore tech veteran, having over 20 years of Technical Leadership experience with major IT MNCs across the globe. His Tech, Pre-Sales & Client Facing skills are key to our success.

HR & Operations


She is a real GEM when it comes to finding GEMs for our company. Her Staffing skill is highly regarded by our clients. She is instrumental in finding the right skills and is a perfect balanced HR.

Delivery & Customer Service


A man with a true “Can Do!” attitude. Someone who often goes beyond his “Call of Duty” when it comes to Service Delivery. For him, the customer comes above everything else.