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Flexible Contract Models
Save up to 60%
24/7 End to End Support

Flexible Contract Models

  • No fixed term commitment. Contract period can be as low as 1 month.
  • No hidden charges & complete transparency.
  • Choose from Pay Per Use or Fixed Value Contracts.
  • All our plans comes with unlimited calls and 24/7 Support.
  • Proactive Health Checks and Monitoring included in most plans.
  • Choose plans for End to End or individual product support.
  • Customized plans for one time project related support.
  • Multi-Model plans for Resource Deployment related requests.

Save up to 60%

  • Our Support Plans are very low when compared to OEM.
  • Free assessment & consultation to suggest any immediate cost reduction.
  • We don’t sell you products instead we help you pick the right “Value for Money” solutions.
  • You don’t have to buy forced upgrades as our experts are capable of even publishing custom fixes.
  • You don’t need to renew licenses or future support with the OEM.
  • We encourage and help you migrate to free and Open Source platforms at your will which can save you extra bucks.

24/7 End to End Support

  • Your calls are attended by dedicated Technical Contacts with 0 wait time.
  • We assign a dedicated Customer Service Manager to ensures that all your requests are handled with priority.
  • Hassle free call raising process so you don’t even have to remember your customer number.
  • We don’t ask for logs or traces instead we do it for you.
  • All our support plans comes with unlimited call options.
  • You infra is supported by our highly skilled Subject Matter Experts having between 6 to 15 years of experience.